The Many Benefits of Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is available in a number of varieties, including path lights, deck lights, floodlights, and patio lanterns, and it is an essential feature of any home. Low voltage landscape lighting, though, is often a more practical choice than high voltage lighting. Low voltage lights make use of a transformer which reduces the 120 volt house or business current to 12 volts. A few of the many benefits of low voltage landscape lights are as follows:
Security and Better Visibility: Low voltage lights installed strategically provide even illumination rather than dark shadows that are created by high voltage lights. Although light does not prevent crime, it has been proven to help deter and reduce the number of incidences.

Safety: Residents and visitors can navigate around your property more safely when sidewalks and entrances are illuminated by landscape lights and drivers are not blinded by the glare of high voltage lighting.

Recreational Usage: You can enjoy your deck or other recreational area at night when you illuminate these private areas.

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How Stump Grinders Can Benefit Your Landscaping Business

Trees are often a feature of landscaping, as they provide a variety of options in height, colors, and shade. But trees will also need removal for a variety of reasons, such as disease, weather damage, new home additions, safety reasons, or if the homeowner simply desires some change. If you own a landscaping business, chances are you will run into a few tree stumps. Luckily, stump grinders have significantly improved the stump removal process. Removing Stumps >

Stump removal after a tree has been chopped down should be used for many reasons besides being an eyesore. Left for too long, a decomposing stump can attract detrimental insects such as termites, which have the potential for causing damage to the home and surrounding trees and plants. Stumps can also harbor fungi and diseases that may spread to nearby healthy trees. Certain stumps can be located in places that make them a tripping hazard, or inhibit mowing. Stumps that have not been removed or that have not been properly removed can also lead to new tree growth, whether on the remaining stump or from certain species that produce new trees from their root systems, such as quaking aspens. Also, a stump left to decompose on its own can take several decades to fully decompose. Stump Grinders

come in a variety of shapes and sizes to aid in the cutting, slicing, and grinding down of unsightly stumps in a yard. They are used to grind the stump down to ground level, and then allow for the roots to be torn up with blades. The end result is a pile of mulch that can be used around other plants for moisture retention and weed control. Pulling out a stump and digging and chopping the roots are labor intensive and can take many hours. Plus, the end result of this method generally leaves a large, messy hole in the middle of the yard. Chemical treatments also can take a large amount of time, even years, as well as being hazardous to the environment. One of the ways chemical treatments for stumps can be hazardous is by killing nearby beneficial insects. Exmark’s great products together with their high level of service and support makes them the industry leader. Purchase your commercial lawn equipment today at !

The Importance Of Fire-resistant Landscaping In Rural Areas

As populations grow in urban areas, cities are expanding their boundaries. Areas that were once rural are becoming urban subdivision, which is creating an increased risk of wildfires in these converted rural areas.

Rural areas in most parts of the country have always had to deal with wildfires. The dry season combined with lightning strikes and combustible debris can quickly turn an overgrown landscape into a powder keg. As these areas become more populated due to urban sprawl, fire departments have their hands full with protecting property and lives.

Among the rural homeowner’s options for guarding against wildfire is a consultation with a local professional landscaper. Their work is geared towards creating sensible landscape designs that provide minimum fuel for fires while not sacrificing aesthetics.

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Things That You Should Know About Landscaping Vista And Escondido

The arena of landscaping includes everything that is related with the garden and landscape design and maintenance. Taking up landscape services are very essential to keeps the home space beautiful and elegant looking which matches your lifestyle. It is truly said that your personal image is delivered through the looks of your residence. Thus it is worth investing in it.
or Escondido basically involves 4 phases that are designing, construction, installing and maintaining. There are various principles involved while designing or planning the landscaping process such as dcor, colour, size, surroundings, simplicity, and so on. It is important to make sure that it is not just good looking but practical too. Drainage and passages for water has to be given due importance.
An excellent piece of landscaping Escondido or Vista will involve a perfect balance of natural plants and construction materials. The various construction activities involved in the case of landscape services includes paved surfaces, rick walls, on the site parking, drains, earth moulding, designing of outdoor steps, walls and so on. Also activities like installation of water features, irrigation, lighting facilities, patios and benches are included.
Despite all this features, you cannot ignore the plants. This is very important because a right selection and choice is so very important in this case. There are various options that will be available. Consult a good agency and take on their advices while incorporating your ideas into it for this. Various aspects have to be considered while making a choice here like the weather conditions, the water requirements, maintenance needs and so on. A good drainage and irrigation system is a must for a sustainable landscape.
Moreover, maintenance of the landscape is one of the most important aspects here. Constant and regular maintenance is very essential to keep the whole outdoor place in proper order. Without maintenance, the whole look of the place will be deteriorated. It is a known fact that a good looking landscape will enhance the looks of the house. Moreover, the value of the property will increase. It is important that you choose a professional agency for obtaining this service.
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How Garden Landscapers Can Use Garden Decking to Make Your Green Spaces Great

Great gardens let you enjoy your open spaces without having to do too much work. Garden landscapers can direct and control your green spaces so you can get maximum enjoyment from them without having to put in too much work in your precious spare time when frankly you would be much happier sitting around reading the newspaper and drinking a nice glass of Chardonnay!

Garden decking is a great way to add an easy-to-maintain, natural look ambience to your outside spaces. Decking is made of wood, so it feels natural and looks right. Its usually raised, so you have an unimpeded view of the rest of your garden. And because its treated for weather and microbe exposure it pretty much looks after itself all you need to do is sweep or pressure hose it every now and again and have it re-treated once a year.

Garden landscapers can fit your garden decking into an overall scheme designed to create a perfect haven, where you can relax and watch the world go by or entertain your friends, perhaps, with an al fresco dinner party. To create a place like this your landscapers will look at the overall area of your outside space, the access to and from the house and the view you and your guests will enjoy while using your decking. In some cases it makes more sense to put the garden decking off the back of the house (effectively making a sort of wooden patio); in others, its better for your garden landscapers to create a freestanding decking area at the other end of your garden, where it is completely surrounded by greenery and plants.

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